Why You Should Own a Party Store Today

The $10.5 Billion Dollar Party Store Industry Presents an Ideal Opportunity for Entrepreneurs Desiring an Easy to Run and Fun Business Model with a Very High Profit Potential.

Discount Party Store Developers provides a proven business concept that focuses on developing party stores for its clients wanting to enter the highly profitable $10.5 Billion Party Store Industry. Every Party Store is completely turn-key and stocked with everything party customers need - plates, cups, napkins, accessories, table covers, costumes, rentals, balloons of every type along with the necessary skills to make each customer's party or event a total success.

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Starting a Business with PSD Exactly what services does PSD provide?
Turn Key Business vs Franchise Why an Independent, Turn-Key Business - instead of a franchise?
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Get great Merchandise for a party store.

What is it like to open a business with the assistance of Party Store Developers?

The first step.

We've made getting started on your own retail store development as simple as possible. Just fill out our short information form or call one of our National Development Directors. Each of our clients is assigned a Development Director that remains their in-house information source for the life of the project. They are here to answer any of your questions or concerns.

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Securing Business Financing

After you've completed the initial planning phase with your National Development Director, a Business Funding Advisor will be assigned to you. This advisor will help you secure the necessary business financing for your retail store. We offer a variety of funding options to fit the different financial situations of our clients. Unsure if you can qualify for business financing? We offer a free credit repair service and special financing programs that have helped several clients qualify and obtain financing. There is no risk to find out if you qualify for funding.

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Finding A Suitable Retail Space

Finding the right location for your business can be the key factor in determining long term success. Our Real Estate location team uses industry-leading, cutting edge real estate tools to analyze every potential space in your desired market. They will provide you with the information that matters, like traffic count, competitor analysis, and demographic studies. They will identify the best retail spaces available in your area.

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Negotiating a Retail Lease

Our commercial lease negotiators have the knowledge and experience to protect you from lease clauses that can cost your store money. Our 17 point negotiation checklist covers all the important provisions of every lease, helping inexperienced new owners save thousands via special terms and lower rents.

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Building Out Your Store

PSD has built thousands of stores. When your site is ready to go, a Build Out Supervisors travels to your location to personally manage the project and the labor team.We provide all the labor, fixtures, and services required to build your store - and then hand you the keys.

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Global Merchandise Network

Party Store Developers has a global network of merchandisers and also maintains our own import warehouse. We have buying power based on volume - and negotiate the best possible prices for all of our stores and network members. Our buyers hand-select merchandise for quality and profitabilty - and recommend the highest-performing products for you to stock

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Training and On Going Support

Party Store Developer's professional trainers train new store owners how to provide all the specialized services and highly profitable and in-demand services their customers want like balloon bouquet decoration, delivery to homes and businesses, catering halls and country clubs. Where there is a reason to party or celebrate Discount Party Store Developers ensures that their party store owners will have all the answers for their customers.

Every aspect of successful store operation - from ordering and merchandising inventory to store promotion and personnel supervision - is fully covered in the training. Training via phone and internet or in attendance at our Las Vegas corporate facility is tailored to fit each owner's schedule.

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Have Questions?

Join our free teleseminar.

Business Teleseminar

We offer an ongoing series of telesminars geared to our various retail business concepts in a casual, no-pressure environment. Feel free to join us just to listen - or bring your questions. You need only sign up and call in to the teleconference line to connect with fellow investors and our business experts.

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The Advantages of Independent, Turn-Key Ownership over Franchise Opportunities

We are NOT a Party Store franchise. You are the 100% owner of your Party Store and everything in it. You have 100% control over all aspects of your business. You never pay royalties or fees! You keep 100% of what you earn! Party Store Developers offers Financing Assistance, In-House Credit Repair Services (when necessary) Site Location, Lease Negotiation, Training, Operations and Store Build-Out, Merchandising, and Comprehensive On-Going Support. There will be an expert to assist you at every step of your store's development for the entire life of your business. Party Store Developers offers you virtually all the same services a franchise would without the strings, fees, regulations, and big contracts normally associated with a franchise. Why buy a Party Store franchise when for thousands less you can be an independent owner and never pay any fees or royalties? Make sure you review our 7 critical services, watch the testimonials and the informative videos from our in-house mailbox industry experts. After you research all your options the choice will be clear and we will be here to help you begin your journey of independent party store ownership!

Potential entrepreneurs often look to invest in franchises because they appear to be a safe bet. A franchise offers a support network to answer questions, help them with any issues, and supply them with goods and business services. The reality is that franchises also offer a higher store package price, regulations, ongoing fees, contractual obligations, extreme oversight, and a loss of control. If you could take all the good things that a franchise offers and eliminate the bad things, you'd be left with Party Store Developers. Party Store Developers offers everything a franchise does, without taking any of your hard-earned profits.

The Store Owner is the Boss

A Party Store Developers Owner makes 100% of the final decisions for their own business and keeps 100% of the profit. They maintain full control throughout the entire process and in all decision-making. The role of PSD is to provide all the counseling, service and support necessary - our owners need never feel alone.

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